Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reflecting Upon the "Vision of the Possible"......

I wanted to share this thought 4 the week as I listen to the CURE on Al Jazeera.   They're featuring how healthcare is spread around the World--whether it is a flying Eye Clinic or Community Healthcare thru COOP-Africa to spread access to healthcare.    What was so beautiful to note was the worker when he noted this simple admonition: "..I want to help my people...".  I also saw a report on a company in India  doing work to develop a mobile urine analysis program.    How beautiful is to be writing and thinking about the changes going on!! :-)

I saw this "thought" shared by a myriad of motivational sites on Facebook (a reason I enjoy my "Social Rounds)..and thought it to be a great mantra to adopt for the day--especially as I counted my blessings as America celebrated Father's Day.

Onward to the new Week--hopefully I will remember this admonition!! :-)

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