Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On the "Prowl" For the Day: Alibaba will be going Public!!! :-)

Alibaba is about to go public..and As I saw this, my eyes truly popped as I saw this courtesy of the team @ the Business Insider--But the problem is that the IPO is not actually buying into the Chinese Giant itself, but an interesting vehicle called a "Variable Interest Entity" that has been used by other Chinese Firms due to Chinese Government Regulations against Foreign Ownership.   It is still quite impressive, though:

The Only Thing You Need To See To Understand Alibaba

Chinese internet company Alibaba has filed for an IPO. It had net income of $2.9 billion on revenues of $6.5 billion for the nine month period ending December 2012.

This chart from Quartz is the easiest way to fully understand the size and scope of Alibaba. As you can see, Alibaba is a sprawling company that does a lot of stuff.

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