Friday, July 25, 2014

On the "Grid": Remaining Hopeful on #Gaza

As "outsiders" goes dark thru August 4, There was  ray of hope to see whether a possible "vision of the possible" could be created as the US Secretary of State was pressing for a ceasefire.  The plan by the US Secretary of State was rejected--but a 12 Hour Humanitran Truce was accepted by both sides that starts on Saturday that may hopefully lead to a more permanent solution.

The UN Secretary General said it best:  There are better ways than killing each other.  He's a reserved man--and he was angry.    If only he had sway over the thugs who are running around in Iraq and Syria.

The One reality that has driven the Palestinian Rage is reflected below:

This is the reality.  What was also quite striking was how some of the continued positions by Israel was addressed in a systematic way by a leading Palestinian Scholar.  

As the deadline for the humanitarian ceasefire is at hand, i24news reported that two more  Israeli Defense Force soldiers were  killed--bringing the total to 37.    The Israeli Defense Minister noted that Soldiers must be ready for a significant expansion of the ground operations.   This is the Day of Rage rages on in the West Bank.        Hopefully a sense of sanity will prevail upon all for the sake of the ordinary men, women and children who have born the brunt of the onslaught.

I end this with this that ever so epitomizes the true "Vision of the Possible"--this can be possible if the courage exists:


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