Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On Tesla: How A Trailblazer is Changing the Paradigm

Being witness to history is a beautiful thing.      I had an opportunity to visit a Tesla "Boutique" recently to check out a Tesla which had a price tag of 93,000.  It is a beautiful piece of work that is slick in Design and amazed me for its' simplicity.

As I was witness to Tesla opening up its' patents to further "shake up" the car scene, It was with fabulous interest as I saw this on the Next Web:  
If in fact he's able to pull it off, it will open up opportunities beyond the true "art of the possible".    What was disturbing though was reports by a Chinese firm claiming that it is able to "hack" a Tesla Car and laid out a challenge to that effect.

It is also of great interest to see that others are not standing still.   BMW is the latest entrant and it is bound to be a game-changer:

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