Sunday, August 3, 2014

A "Newsflash" On Strategy As We Begin: Reflecting Upon a "Vision of the Possible"

 The Lives and Times of the CEO read more 
 From 1914 to 2040, travel through time and meet the CEOs of the past and future to gain valuable insights into the evolution of the chief executive officer.  
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 read more Reimagine your enterprise: Make human-centered design the heart of your digital agenda 
 Create new value with this bold and disruptive approach that puts digital and the customers who use it at the center of everything you do. 
 read more Growing When Your Industry Doesn't 
  Create your own virtuous growth cycle to outperform your competitors and your industry. 
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10 Principles of Leading Change Management read more 
Tools and techniques to help your company successfully navigate the treacherous — and valuable — shoals of transformation.  
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