Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On the "Vision of the Possible" Day @ Apple: Notations On the Pivotal Day as we saw iPhone6, #AppleWatch & AppleWallet

Apple's Big Day happened at the Flint Center.   What Nick Bilton of the New York Times tweeted said it all:  How far we've come!!

Just like many around the World, I got on at 10:00 AM PST to see what Apple had in store.   It was another witness to history which I was gratified to be a part of.   What I was fascinated by was how I was able to attend the #AppleLive event on my iPhone4.    Being a Geek is fun!!!

The #AppleLive Session had its' share of challenges.   I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to see the event on my laptop ( since I don't have safari or an iMac).   But, still it was cool to be able to see Tim Cook and the rest of the #Apple crew (and a few special guests) showcase the latest in the #Apple arsenal.  But between the iphone6, Apple Watch, Apple Wallet and iOS8--it was ever so eventful.    As Tim Cook spoke, he kept going on about how he had "one more thing" to note.

#Apple has packed a lot of stuff into iphone6.     There are two models:  iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus.   Battery life has performed and the performance "punch" is improved ever more.   It all begins with the new A8 chip with 1.3 Million Transistors (and that it is a lot of transistors).   There also has been a lot of effort put into the user experience in improving the screen and the visit.    It begins with a bigger screen with a thinner phone There have also been substantial improvements to SIRI as another milestone also is at hand:  the advent of iOS8 which will be available for download September 17.

One of the highlights was the iSight Camera.    The 8 Megapixel Camera packed into it will further evolve the image experience beyond what is truly within the realm of the possible.   a.  it shows a device that is quite a device to really check out as it becomes available on September 19 in the United States with subsequent World Release around the World shortly thereafter.      Pricing starts at $ 199 for the iphone6 with 32 Gb.    They have a 128 Gb version that is @ $399 with a 2-Year Contract.    Sprint is already pushing its' unlimited $ 50/Month Plan.

What was fascinating was to see how Apple is trying to be a company that is simply not known as a "iphone" company.   It brought out Apple Watch.  What was rumored to be the "iwatch" will be available in the First Quarter of 2015:

Tim Cook noted that it is different.  It is voice-activated and has some great features--including sensors.  Although it is a beautiful device,  I am with one of the analysts who noted that it is basically an iPOD on a wrist.   There are a lot of interesting features, though--including an emphasis on Fitness.   Partners are on board--including Starwood that has developed an APP whereby the Apple Watch can be used to unlock Hotel Doors.   But the challenge Apple has is that many have already come out and have a profound presence--incuding Pebble that is now available @ Target for $ 129.   However, #Apple diehearts will flock to it--as evidenced by the standing ovation when Tim Cook brought it out.   Tim Cook noted how he's using #AppleWatch to control his #AppleTV.  

Apple also decided to roll out its' Apple Wallet--its' answer to what Tim Cook noted was the antiquated system in which we all pay our bills.    Apple touted how secure it all is especially as Home Depot was the latest victim of a breach that potentially impacted 60 Million Customers.   This was apparently the same process that attacked Target as well.     As the Apple Team ended the keynote, U2 came on board to perform and had a surprise--their newest album was being given away for free on iTunes.    I got on iTunes and downloaded it.  It will be available for about 30 Days.

What was strange was that the stock hardly moved.    September 19 will determine how this pivotal event in fact will be perceived.    In the meantime, #Amazon tried to make a pre-emptive move by cutting its' FirePhone to .99 Cents with a 2 Year Contract and a year of Free Amazon Prime.   No one is buying the Amazon Fire Phone--but Jeff Bezos will not take this lying down.

 It was quite fun to be witness to history though.....


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