Thursday, October 30, 2014

As We Bid Farewell to October 2014....

 One of the "must reads" for us is the daily updates from Business Insider.    This snapshot is just one indication of the very challenging times being faced all around us.   The idea that somehow the White House Computer Network can be hacked should be a very scary thought to all.

We here @ "Outsiders" were also privy to "phishing " with the past 24 hours.  A note was received, "supposedly" from Apple stating that an iCloud account was supposedly tried to be "hacked" as noted in this email below.   We reached out to Apple and frankly were amazed by the speed of the response.  It appears that Apple was aware of this and how this "phishing" was attacked as it were.   We deleted the actual button noted for this--but it was hilarious that they even spelled "Activate" incorrectly.    

Dear Apple Customer,

Your ITunes Connect has been used to open a session ICloud from an unauthorized computer.
Your ITunes account is now locked,
Please Access To Your Account And Check Your Information.
To reactivate your account 

Thank you,
Copyright 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
This is some good pointers for all to consider:

As for the headlines from the Business Insider, the developments below underscores the challenging times that we continue to be faced with in the Tech Space--although it is of great interest that the new devices have been rolled out as they have which we hope to feature here in the #visions channel soon:

1. Microsoft has revealed its wearable device: Microsoft Band. It goes on sale today and will retail for $199.
2. Samsung's third-quarter income was down 49%. The company warned earlier this month that its Q3 earnings wouldn't look good.
3. 3,000 Microsoft employees were let go yesterday. The cuts came from HR, finance, marketing, sales, and IT.
5. IBM has announced a partnership with Twitter. Businesses will be able to use Twitter data to help them understand their customers.
6. Uber drivers have spoken out over the low wages they receive. Some claim to be struggling to receive the minimum wage. 
9. Hackers managed to breach the White House computer network. The Russian government is suspected to be behind the attack.
10. A taxi association president has compared Uber to ISIS. Many taxi associations consider Uber to be operating illegally.  

As we bid farewell to October, it is timely that we remebmer this and underscore how change can be ever so important for our long-term success to truly aim to create the "vision of the possible": 

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