Friday, December 26, 2014

Winding Down 2014: Thought(s) for the Day On #Earth from @Astro_Alex & A Reminder From #Einstein

2015 is right around the corner.   As the year is winding down, there have been so much to celebrate and be thankful for.    The most stunning thing, though, was this beautiful production from Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) as he created this stunning #4K Clip  that was a sight for sore eyes:

It showed the beauty, majesty and fragility of Mother Earth which many seem to forget.   It has also been quite a year for the work done on the Grid as the evolution occurred.   This admonition from Einstein said it all as all in their own way seek to create that elusive "Vision of the Possible": 

As the Great Diane Nyad always says, Onward--and as friend of the outsiders noted, upward!!!

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