Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Notations On Our World: Brief Thoughts on the Social Grid (#Twitter, #Weibo et. al)

We have been assessing the State of Twitter ever since the latest earnings annoucement.    The idea that somehow Twitter is even being thought of as another MySpace is a profound challenge that will befall Twitter for a while.

What is also quite amazing is how Google Plus is withering away.     We have found it of great interest to see how Hangouts has evolved as it has and we're in the process of testing it out.  We are also amazed by the latest that was rolled out by Google called Collections that our Founder did a test of it and released a First Collection.    It is billed as a cmpetitor to Pineterest--and it has some cool features including sorting which may be an answer also to Instagram.      Weibo, though, is another whole new World as +NDTV of India noted this as The Indian Prime Minister was on a trip to China:

Five Things to Know About China's Social Network Weibo
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Another serious Social Media Practitioner has to understand, embrace and leverage the power of Weibo.   We here @ #Outsiders plan to use the #Weibo Platform extensively as well.

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