Monday, June 8, 2015

Notations On Our World: "Virtually Breathless" As #Apple is On the "Prowl"

We have been on the "Prowl" as we have been assessing what Apple has done with Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple Watch, etc. etc. etc.    There is a lot to digest--although the major outlets have been busy assessing it as epitomized by what +Bloomberg TV 's excellent analysis on Bloomberg West noted, we wanted to share this courtesy of the +The Sydney Morning Herald which brings it all together.     

We will be assessing it all over the ensuing days.    It was also of interest that the +Business Insider that we also consult here @ #Outsiders had an interesting article about how 4 Start-ups will be "toast" as Apple Rolled out some very interesting features as outlined below.    This is as Bloomberg had one of the very companies, Evernote, on quite excited about the new roll-outs and specifically the focus on "Payments"--the new frontier to be covered.

What is clear is this: there is never ever a dull moment in Tech.....

  All the announcements from Apple WWDC

The details of everything coming soon to iOS, OS X, Apple Watch and the new cross-platform music streaming service.        

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