Monday, July 20, 2015

Notations On Our World: On #Apple, #Gold & Other Brief Thoughts


It has been an interesting day on the Business Scene.  Apple is about to report results tomorrow.  We have been  assessing how everything has been going since the big announcement back in April that saw wide adoption of Apple Pay and the launch of Apple Watch.   Our assessment is on-going.

Apple is fundamentally known as the "iPhone" company although it has worked to create an ecosystem centered on the iCloud.    The seamless process is continuing as iOS9 is about to "hit the street" very soon.   It is now available as a "public beta" download.     The Sydney Morning Herald reflected upon ways that iOS9 will transform the way we will do business in the mobile ecosystem:

Seven ways iOS 9 will change your iPhone

When you first boot up the iOS 9 beta on an iPhone, things don't seem that different. But then you start to notice some changes.

There has been speculation about how Apple Watch will be reported out.    There are "rumors" that the Apple Watch sales are not going well.   The World awaits!!!
Beyond Apple, there is the Commodity Space as well.    We have been quite shocked at the collapse of the Price of Gold.   It is right now at a 5-year low partly due to the changing economic circumstances in addition to the continued slide in the price of Oil as well--as the Federal Reserve in the United States is about to raise interest rates later on this year and as China has slowed down and adapting to the so-called "new normal".     On a side note, our team was shocked at the valuation by PayPal after it was spin off by Ebay.    The last valuation was 50 Billion Dollars.    It is quite a juggernaut to be dealth with Worldwide especially as alternative payment arrangements to the traditional systems continue to be developed.
"Virtually Breathless" as our on-going assessments continue.....

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