Thursday, August 6, 2015

Notations From the Grid: #EMC Going to VMWare

The transformation of our World continues faster than we can blink an eye as epitomized by this development our founder shared during our daily "roundup":

What was quite striking was how it was EMC that gave "birth" to VMWare.  EMC has been one of the leading storage players and a pioneer and VMware grow out of it as Virtualization took off.  It continues to grow today.     The stock prices of the two companies tell the story as noted in Bigcharts today--it is even more ironic that EMC owns a majority interest in VMWare.  It reminds us of another company with a somewhat similar predicament:  Yahoo with its' interest in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan as it has worked to figure out a way to stay relevant in the ever so changing landscape.

Truly interesting times..... 

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