Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On the #Outsider Media Watch: On #Vox & #BuzzFeed

We here @ #Outsiders are always gratified as we see success stories.    One recent development was recent funding that +Vox  received.    They received a funding of $ 200 Million from NBC Universal that is part of the Comcast Corporation.   We understand that this funding values Vox at $ 1 Billion Dollars.    Ezra Klein of Vox is a regular contributor to MSNBC broadcasts.

We also was quite gratified as we saw that at the same time, Buzzfeed  also received $ 200 Million from NBC Universal that values it at an estimated $ 500 Million.    They have done some interesting and innovative ways in which they have been reporting on and Buzzfeed Team members have been regularly featured on MSNBC.    This is as it is trying to be "trendy.

We here @ #Outsiders congratulate both organizations on this momentous milestone.

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