Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Notations From the Grid: On a Battle with California Utitlies

One of our "Must Reads" is a local Blog here in Orange County that focuses on Renewables.   We received this very interesting post as the struggle for Power Generation ensures here in California and the implications for it all.   It is quite interesting to note this especially as Shell stopped its' Arctic Oil Exploration yesterday and as the +The Guardian 's "Keep it in the Ground" campaign gathers steam as we noted in our "Notations From the World" Daily yesterday here in the Visions' Channel.

California Utilities looking to expedite their own death / irrelevance
An article in this weekend's LA Times discusses how CA utilities are proposing fixed charges for customers with solar panels as well as deep cuts to the net metering credit currently received by solar adopters.  

Explored deeper in the latest OCR Blog Post, this can basically be described as financial motivation to home owners to start storing their own solar overproduction in home based batteries (eventually).

Is this the first shot in the war of distributed vs centralized generation?  Oh what times we live in!

~ Adam Plesniak, Managing Director OCrenewables.org

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