Thursday, October 22, 2015

An #Outsider Newsflash (Special Edition): One of our Kickstarter Backed Projects Has Funded!!

Our team was pleased to add its' name to NFC 2016.    We just got word that it has been funded and our pledge has been collected.     We are eager to see it "real soon"!!!

Great news!
Thanks to you and 1,745 others, NFC Ring 2016 Range. One Smart Ring. Unlimited Possibilities has been successfully funded. Your pledge has been charged, funds will soon be transferred to the creator, and they’ll begin working on their project.

NFC Ring 2016 Range. One Smart Ring. Unlimited Possibilities
by John McLear
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Two 2016 NFC Rings, Apps and eight Sweet Spot Stickers.
Estimated delivery 
Dec 2015
Shipping to 
United States (£9)

If John McLear needs any information from you to send out your reward — like a mailing address or T-shirt size — they’ll send you a survey as soon as they’re ready.
Now for the fun part: you get to follow along behind the scenes as the creator turns their idea into a reality. They’ll keep you informed with project updates, and you can cheer them on in comments and messages. Leave one to share your excitement!
Thanks again for supporting this project!

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