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Notations For the Week-End: An #Outsider Newsflash On On one our Kickstarter "backed" Projects

We have been on the "prowl' awaiting the arrival and testing of one of the projets we've backed on Kickstarter.    We wanted to report on the latest we have received as we await the opportunity to get our hands on it and starting working away and putting it through the "Trials".

Interesting times....



International Much Fun Wow!
Posted by Next Thing Co.
Dearest Kernel Hackers (and others interested in international shipping logistics),
Two weeks ago, we proudly announced that we shipped our first batch of Alpha C.H.I.P.s. Over 900 units to 57 countries in one fell swoop. C.H.I.P.s are in kernel hacker's hands. Our forums are filling with tons of feedback and ideas.  But the fact remains...
We still have over 100,000 discrete units to deliver to almost 40,000 people in 97 countries over the next seven months. A dress rehearsal was essential.  


C.H.I.P. will touch many hands before it gets to yours.  Our factory in Shenzhen to our shipper in Hong Kong through customs in your country to your national mail carrier to regional shipping centers to final last mile delivery. Let’s take a breath and take a look at some early results.


C.H.I.P.s arrived.
C.H.I.P.s were flashed. 
But we were not without hiccups. 
Our logistics partner promised an average of 7-9 days transit time for delivery. Some Alpha C.H.I.P.s arrived before that. Some arrived within that estimate. Some arrived later. A handful have yet to arrive.
1) Our shipper prioritized batches with shorter journeys, which resulted in a much wider range of delivery dates.
2) Shipping integration tests resulted in tracking data becoming available later than promised.  This meant no individual shipping notifications were sent to backers and tracking data was sent to NTC instead.  


We’ve been working closely with our shipping partner to get rid of these hiccups. Tracking issues have been sorted and every KHB has been sent a tracking number, regardless of whether or not you have received your Alpha C.H.I.P. 
For most of KHBs, it will confirm the obvious: you have your C.H.I.P. For others, it will estimate the arrival of your C.H.I.P. If there is still confusion, shoot us an email


We can get better. We need to get better. Fortunately, we are getting better. Lucky us, we have a chance to prove it. Alpha C.H.I.P., batch 2 is heading your way early next week. What’s changing? Check out this list...
  • Better communication between NTC and our shipping partner. We’ll be receiving updates at each step of the way. Like GI Joe used to say, “Knowing is half the battle.” 
  • Better communication between NTC and you!  Now that we’ve been through this once, we’ll be able to update with accurate shipping estimates. 
  • Improved communication between NTC and you!  Now that we're better linked to our shipper, we can send tracking numbers much sooner, eventually automatically, upon shipment.
  • Even better improved communication between NTC and you!We’re here for you across our support channels:, (we also still have a close eye on the kickstarter comments and messages)  We're always trying to break our response time records.
So that's our shipping situation, in a bit more than a nutshell.  This first shipment was meant for feedback between NTC and our shipping partners AND our backers and NTC.  Feedback is crucial to us getting this right by December. Don’t hesitate to give us your two cents at


The 9 dollar computer is a thing that is happening!
Tweet us your C.H.I.P. progress @nextthingco!. Watching you flash, hack and experiment is legitimately awesome.  Your excitement is why we’re pushing this giant rock up this giant mountain. So keep it up!
Thanks for your patience. You are, in fact, the best.
M.M.M.T.C. (much much more to come)
hearts - Everyone at NTC (especially Ari)
Ari. Maven of International Logistics.Ari. Maven of International Logistics.

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