Friday, October 9, 2015

Notations On Our World": On the Changing Tech Space w/#Dell

Ever since Dell went private, it has been "kind of" laying low as it worked to dramatically re-orient itself.   One of the most interesting developments we've been tracking today is a bold move by Dell to buy out EMC and its' stake in VMWare.   Michael Dell led a private Leveraged Buyout of Dell with Silverlake Partners and now they're trying to bring EMC into the fold.  EMC has been a partner of Dell for years and it can fit reasonably well with Dell's Server Business.

We first saw that EMC was in play as we saw VMWare's valuation exceed that of the company that gave it birth: EMC.    The valuation is pegged at $ 40 Billion.     This is as Dell is plotting a move to spin off its' Security Business, Dell SecureWorks, in a IPO that is slated to be worth about $ 2 Billion Dollars.

We will be watching this very interesting development over the ensuing weeks as we just checked how EMC and VMWare were doing respectively courtesy of the data available thru

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