Monday, October 19, 2015

Notations On Our World: On an Eye On the Future: Solar Decalathalton

Member of our team had a chance to visit and tour the exhibits at Irvine's Great Park providing a true vision of the future.  What was different this year that each contenstant had to have an electric car, drive it for 25 miles and then able to charge the car from the solar energy generated.    Of all the houses showcased, the one that caught our team's eye was a 120,000 Solution that was done by a team with the Western New England University and universities in Peru and Panama


The leader, though, was an entry from the Stevens Institute of Technology.   Team Orange County was also in full force with a very vibrant entry deemed Casa Del Sol which was a collaborative effort between UC Irvine, Champan University and Saddleback College:

What is clear is that the future has arrived and it is here.    It was gratifying to see this report from @OC Renewables on their visit to the California ISO and the concerted effort to go "all green" in this endeavor.   It is in the end about creating the ultimate "Vision of the Possible": 

I visited California ISO.  It was awesome.
The latest blog post at OCR is about my Oct 2 visit to California ISO.  What is Cal ISO you ask?  Only one of the largest electrical grid operators in the world, and the place responsible for the heath and operation of the California Electrical System. 

My esteemed colleague Russ Jones and I were there to discuss the impact of renewables on the grid now and in the future.  Did you know that CA already has 9 GW of solar PV on the grid?!  Almost 20% of all generation!

Please check out the post for other fascinating details about my visit to the BRAIN of the electrical system of the world's 7th largest economy.  

~ Adam Plesniak, Managing

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