Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Notations On Our World: #BackToTheFutureDay is Today!!!!

Today is "Back to the future Day".     Our team received this yesterday from the White House which we wanted to feature on--it should be a fun one as a lot of things on that day when the movie came out they got rightr!!!

We hope all join this day of "Fun" and do try and "Hang out" with the White House!!!


Tomorrow is Back to the Future Day:
Great Scott! Tomorrow marks an important day in American history (or, at least, in American cinematic history):
It's the date to which Marty McFly traveled into the "future" in Back to the Future Part II.
We've come a long way in the 30 years that have passed since the original Back to the Future came out.
We're going to spend tomorrow talking about where we're going in the next 30.
Tomorrow, we'll host a series of conversations with scientists and innovators across the government and the country. You'll be able to ask them questions, watch videos explaining their cutting-edge developments, and share your answer to a simple question we'll be asking people all day long:
What does 2045 look like?
Take a look at the schedule, get your questions ready, and follow along all day long at You can share your thoughts and ask your questions using hashtag #BackToTheFutureDay.
Here's a quick look at what you can look forward to over the course of the day:
  • A conversation with physicists about the future of time travel
  • A demo of a real-life "invisibility cloak"
  • A virtual panel about breakthroughs in our study of the human brain
  • A conversation about the future of autonomous vehicles
And a lot more.
It's Back to the Future Day at the White House
We can't wait to start the conversation.
(But to be clear, where we're going -- we're probably still going to need roads.) (cc: Members of Congress holding up transportation funding).
Talk to you tomorrow!
The White House Team

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