Sunday, October 4, 2015

On the Eve of A New Week: Thoughts On Accountability....

We recently debated the idea of leadership and reflected upon the key requirements during our Daily "Curation" & "Planning" meetings for our properties.    We continue to reflect upon it as our on-going development work continues.

One of the key things we try and hold ourselves accountable to is this notion of "Accountability".  It was quite timely as our team received this from the team at the Business Source which we wanted to feature on Accountability which we view as central for any organization (including our own) to create the ultimate "Vision of the Possible":


Fresh Sales Strategies

Good leaders are problem solvers - that's obvious.
But when we avoid conflict and don't hold people accountable --we become problem evaders instead of problem solvers. In this video, leadership expert Dr. Terry Paulson walks us through 3 powerful (and very practical) strategies to help you hold people accountable.
The name of the video is "Effectively Confront and Hold Followers Accountable" and you can see it here.
I hope you enjoy it!

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