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Notations For the W-End: On Kickstarter Projects (An #Outsiders Newsflash Special w/Updated Notations On the NFC Ring)

It has been quite a busy time for us here @ #Outsiders as we continue to be on the prowl to assess projects we've decided to back.    We're eagelry awaiting the arrival of the NFC Smart Ring and the $ 9 Computer--although the folks at Rasperry Pi have done a "one up" which we hope all enjoyed reading up that our founder's "The Daily Update" featured in a recent edition here in #Outsiders.

We will continue to keep all informed..."watch this space'!!



Production update, Pre-Orders available on the store!
Posted by John McLear
Hey guys,
TLDR; Production 7 days behind but we will still be shipping in December.  Over 2k free rings shipped to makers.  Pre-orders of 2016 rings available exclusively on the NFC Ring store!

Production update

Hey guys, we're 7 days behind on our production schedule due to the last batch of blanks arriving a week late.  We're doing QA inspection on the 30th of November so assuming everything passes we will begin shipping to the UK from the factory on the the 1st of December.  Assuming it takes 7 days in transit we can expect to see the rings on the 9th of December at the latest and we can begin packing and shipping right away.
We have put a lot of prep work into ensuring we're ready to ship as soon as rings land.  We will be able to process about 500 ring orders a day and have already put on extra staff and resources to ensure we don't have any delays at our end.  It's going to be tense waiting on the package to land from China but we're fully setup with automated custom fee handling and other things to ensure everything goes smoothly.  The risk of course is customs decide to do additional inspections, that would be a huge bummer so fingers crossed....
Remember that extortionate £9 shipping rate?  Well that amount means we can ship with speedy shipping options greatly including the likelihood you will have your rings for Christmas!  Europe and the US usually takes about 5-10 days so assuming we begin shipping on the 11th rings should begin landing in the UK on the 13th and oversees on the 16th.

Hacker Rings

A few updates ago we announced we were giving hacker spaces access to free QA fail rings and the uptake was mind blowing.  We shipped over 2000 QA fail rings and we're now pretty much sold out!  Thanks for this guys, hopefully our maker friends will begin creating even more awesome stuff like theKeyduino (which is currently on Kickstarter).

Pre-Orders are now live

If you have friends who missed out on the Kickstarter and wanted to pre-order to get their ring ASAP they can do this on the NFC Ring store.. 



Posted by Pierre Charlier
Hi everyone!
We're now one week after the campaign launch and the goal is already 90% reached! Thank you for your trust! We really hope to reach the goal by the end of the week, and then we may celebrate properly!
As requested by many of you, we created the DUAL pack. It is exactly the same as the SUPER pack, but without the relay shield. Don't hesitate to back it or change your backing if you're interested.
For any other request, join us on the official KeyDuino forum :
Thanks again for supporting us, you're amazing!
KeyDuino Team


A C.H.I.P.'s Best Friend is it's Software
Posted by Next Thing Co.
The air is getting colder. December is nigh.  C.H.I.P.'s software is due!  
Alexeveryone’s favorite German particle physicist turned software lead, and BenPocketC.H.I.P. backer and newest member of team NTC, have been hard at work architecting the official C.H.I.P. operating system. Take a look!
Building an operating system for C.H.I.P. requires some heavy duty driver work.  Maxime from Free Electrons abandoned the French countryside and joined us in sunny Oakland, CA to make sure we’re on-time and feature rich. 
Maxime aime le C.H.I.P.  Alex aime les Free Electrons.Maxime aime le C.H.I.P. Alex aime les Free Electrons.
Want the C.H.I.P. OS background? Git it!


Meanwhile in China, GusWynter, and Vanessa have spent much time setting up our first C.H.I.P. v1 mass production run (much more later). December C.H.I.P.s are on schedule to be shipped in December.  
Want your C.H.I.P. shipped to you instead of someone who is not you? Submitupdate, or verify your shipping address through BackerKit at
January C.H.I.P.s are still on schedule for January. February C.H.I.P.s in February. March C.H.I.P.s in March. PocketC.H.I.P.s and the HDMI & VGA adapters are still on schedule for May. If you are curious when your Kickstarter reward is scheduled to ship, please check your pledge.
Pre-order announcement comming very, very soon!
mmmtc (much much more to come)
\(•◡•)/ - everyone at NTC (especially Alex & Ben) and alsoMaxime


Give Thanks. #GetCHIP on CyberMonday.
Posted by Next Thing Co.
You should be the very first to hear some very exciting new news...
C.H.I.P. Pre-Orders Open at at 7 am EST onNovember 30th, otherwise known as Cyber Monday, marking the first time since our Kickstarter campaign to #GetCHIP(and/or PocketC.H.I.P.)! 
Rest assured, pre-orders will ship after Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled.  We want our early C.H.I.P.sters to get their C.H.I.P.s first.

But wait, there's more!

Cyber Monday only, C.H.I.P., the world’s first 9 dollar computer, will be C.H.I.P., the world's first 8 dollar computer.  Just use promo code GETCHIP at, if you check out before the sale you can sign up for the pre-order announcement. If you've already signed up for the pre-order announcement, you're good!  No need to sign up again!)

We’ve issued a statement to the press, but we decided to have a little bit of fun with it.  See below. 

This, apparently, is what a press release looks like.This, apparently, is what a press release looks like.

We're so thankful you're on this fun little adventure with us.  Stay tuned!

\(•◡•)/ - Everyone at NTC (especially PocketC.H.I.P.)

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