Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Notations From the Grid: On #COP21 Paris

As we went to press, cities throughout the World were slated to announce Climate Action Plans which we hope to feature here as we continue being on the "Virtual Road' at +COP21 : 

As we await the final week, this thought said it all which we wanted to feature: 

What we also wanted to note was what the team  @ +350.org noted in its' concerns as the draft agreement is working its' way through the process as it noted the profound concerns: 

  1. The date for phasing out fossil fuels keeps being pushed back. Keeping warming to safe levels requires phasing out fossil fuels and moving to 100% renewable energy by 2050, a date which many countries have already agreed is feasible. But the earliest mentioned date in the draft text is "2060-2080," and other proposals calling for a transition 'over the course of the century.' We don't have another lifetime to wait for real action, and we will push for serious reductions in fossil fuel consumption and production on the fastest timeframe possible.
  2. Indigenous Rights have been removed from the text. Indigenous people are on the front lines of battles to keep fossil fuels in the ground over the globe, and respecting their rights is essential to a just transition to the energy economy we need. Our Indigenous allies are working on the strategy to re-include this section into the text and we will fight with them.
  3. The path to increasing ambition after Paris is unclear. A critical part of any agreement will be establishing regular meetings to check in on progress of enforcing the deal and increasing the ambition to match with new  developments. The means by which this will happen is still quite uncertain, and understanding that will be essential to whether the deal sends a real signal that the world is getting off fossil fuels. 

The team @350.Org also provided some newsflashes on the latest deliberations: 

#COP21 deal: Indigenous peoples fear rights might be dropped - Rappler. Also see video from the Indigenous Environmental Network here: youtube.com/watch?v=2ya4yrA0aFo&

As we went to press, though, the Capital of China declared a red alert for Smog that would see it shut down for at least three days.       This is as New Delhi in India is implementing a program whereby cars are allowed to drive on odd-even days.     

It is is bound to be interesting.....

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