Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Notations on Our World: On an interesting #2015 (On #Apple, SpaceX & Other Thoughts)

As we bid farewell to 2015, it was quite a day for our team as we had a chance to be in Pasadena, California.   Pasadena is home to two of the leading Institutions of Higher Learning in the World: Cal Tech (California Institute of Technology) and the Art Center College of Design.   Our team had a chance to visit the South Campus of the Art Center College of Design.

What we saw blew us away at the lobby: 

In their lobby, they depicted a typewriter, a laptop and a Macintosh and shared a transformation that is yet to work itself out.   The Mid-Grid we noted is what is open and what we've committed to reflect upon in the New Year.      This also as we have been witness to unprecedented transformation with the advent of the wearables and the continued transformation of Cable and content providers.   We have also been quite amazed at the demise of Yahoo and the interesting development behind the Dell/EMC deal with the reservations noted recently:    

Arik Hesseldahl

‘Significant Uncertainty’ Surrounds Dell-EMC Deal

by Arik Hesseldahl
A Wells Fargo analyst cuts his rating on EMC citing potential hurdles to its proposed acquisition by Dell.
Arik Hesseldahl | November 11, 2015 at 10:31 am | Tags: enterprise hardwaremergers and acquisitions | Categories: Enterprise | URL:

As we went to press with this final "notation" for the year, we received our NFC ring which is a prelude of the development of wearables which we will be assessing.    Unfortunately it is not compatible with iPhone at this time--but we will continue to assess it in the Android space.   We also will be assessing the evolution of Virtual Reality as we will be building out a Google Cardboard during Q1.     It is also of note that Wireless Charging will be forthcoming along with smarter Cameras and of course the simple fact--everything is bound to be Voice-Operated.   

We were also quite gratified as we saw this (and could not help but be a bit jealous) as we saw this on Business Insider: 

Digital news site Mashable is reportedly seeking a buyer and will be valued at as much as $300 to $350 million (£202 to £235 million.) The potential buyer is rumoured to be Time Warner Investments, which led Mashable's $17 million round (£11 million) of funding in January, when the company was valued at $180 million (£120 million.) 

Business Insider itself was sold for $ 440 Million Dollars.   Although there was some challenging thoughts about the evolution of the Media, Business Insider came out with word that Digital Media has got a bright future and some of the interesting analysis by the Business Insider's Co-Founder underscored the possibilities that exists--which we look forward to pursuing.

This was also a year that saw SpaceX launch a Spaceship and return it back to Earth:   


As we prepare to go "dark" throughout our Network for New year's day, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all and look forward to the opportunity to wish all a fabulous new year.

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