Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On the "Virtual Beat" re: CES 2016 & Other Thoughts....

The World's Biggest Party is now on as CES2016 has begun.   The World Media has converged on Las Vegas as we have also been seeing the latest that is being announced.     It was of note on the eve of CES as Mashable reflected upon this in the up--and coming technologies:

9 technologies to watch in 2016

This year super-cool technology gets practical.

Super Cool Gadgets  are the order of the day--no quesiton.     This is as we are seeing reports that was just reported by Business Insider on people starting to "cool off" to new gadgets and as we also see reports that iPhone production is being scaled back to the tune of 30% by Apple--even though holiday says seem to defy it right now.

The vendors are hard at work.   For instance, LG has enhanced its' "Smart Fridge" that gives folks the ability to get the Fridge opened with a sensor and other enhancements.     There are also interesting and engaging technologies to increase productivity.   We're also quite interested in some of the on-going developments in the wearables along with Entertainment.  Netflix is continuing its' onslaught as we continue to be witness to profound changes in the traditional entertainment space with sling TV--Our Founder has been evaluating FireTV & Roku and we hope to have him feature his thoughts on it in his "Founders Corner" Soon.   This is also as Cars are becoming ever more technical--including the current beleguared one, VW.    It is a lot of "gadgets"--but nothing truly earth shattering.    It is also interesting as we're being witness to autonomous cars--but there is a emerging phenomenon with autonomous trucks which may present profound challenges which may impact some 8.2 Million Jobs on the eve of the Detroit Auto Show.      

We look forward to the on-going discussions over the ensuing days.   

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