Sunday, March 26, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Alpah W-End Edition): On The Media & The Future

We are pleased to relaunch our "Notations" for this "Alpha" of our Visions Channel as our transformation continues.    

We have seen further transformation in the Media Space.   Our "headlines from last year about how things have changed as they have.  One thing that has occured in the United States is the renewed vibrancy in the Media as the New York Times has enjoyed a resurrection, the Washington Post under Jeff Bezos' ownership is profitable, Cable News has begun to be more aggressive and alternative media (Such as Ozy Media) are gaining traction along with +Vox (that has continued to see investments from the likes of Comcast).     Here are some of the key headlines from one year ago along with the interesting charts on the changing demographics-it must be noted that Since the chart was published, the power of NetFlix and Amazon has grown by leaps and bounds: 
  • The Telegraph Group in the UK For Sale (Bought the titles from Hollinger for over 665 Million Pounds)
  • "Patch" is back"--profitable w/70 Editors
  • On Net Netraility (The New Regime in Washington Changing the Game) 
  • IndependencT goes digital....
  • Comcast Buying Fandago from Time Warner
  • Yahoo Shooting Down Vertials....
  • Al Jazeera America Shutting down....

This chart should terrify the cable TV industry 

Cable TV is still how most of us get our video, but that is starting to change, and the younger generations are leading the way.

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