Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On this #WorldRefugeeDay 2017

: A group of rescued people on the deck of an Italian naval vessel as the sun sets in the Mediterranean. ©UNHCR/A. D'Amato

Today is World Refugee Day.   Some 65 MIllion people are displaced.     The UN Secretary General, António Guterres ,  noted that, ".."  they never lose their dreams for their children or their desire to better our world. They ask for little in return – only our support in their time of greatest need"  .   Our team selected this from the Dalai Lama that we all should heed to in order to create the ultimate vision of the Possible:

is a fundamental law of nature.
Even tiny insects
survive by cooperating with each other.
Our own survival
is so dependent on the help of others
that a need for love
lies at the very core of our existence.
This is why
we need to cultivate
a genuine sense of responsibility
and a sincere concern
for the welfare of others.”

Dalai Lama

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