Wednesday, July 5, 2017

View of the Week (Special Mid-Week Edition): On Emergency Management

As our mission here at the Daily Outsider evolves, the need to help contribute to discussions and transform our view of the World will play a vital role.    Being ready is part of it always--as such what our team selected courtesy of the team at Route Fifty is critical which we hope is of interest:

Available For Download: State & Local Government Emergency Management eBook

The Geography of Disaster Risk and Resiliency in America

In this eBook Route Fifty features a handful of stories and dispatches from recent trips to Alaska, Oregon and Washington state, featuring locations that provide snapshots of the very real dangers and disruptions that emergency planners, first responders, public officials and other stakeholders face, plus the strategies and technologies helping our communities be more resilient.
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What's Inside This Route Fifty eBook

Portage, Alaska: A Town That Sank and (Mostly) Disappeared
Oso, Washington: How a Deadly Landslide Improved Access to Better Mapping in Washington State
Bend, Oregon: The Very Real Dangers of Building in the Wildland-Urban Interface

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