Thursday, July 13, 2017

View of the Week (Special Thursday Edition): On Preparing For Disasters

 Firefighter Kern Kunst battles the Wall fire near Oroville, Calif.We here in California have to be constantly prepared for Emergencies.    Over the weekend, there were a multitude of fires in Northern California as there were also fires throughout the West and Canada.    As such, an understanding of Emergency Services is critical.     This primer courtesy of Route50 is also quite a primer in understanding how Emergency Management Officials respond to on-going emergencies and what lessons can be learnt by all:

Available For Download: State & Local Government Emergency Management eBook

The Geography of Disaster Risk and Resiliency in America

In this eBook Route Fifty features a handful of stories and dispatches from recent trips to Alaska, Oregon and Washington state, featuring locations that provide snapshots of the very real dangers and disruptions that emergency planners, first responders, public officials and other stakeholders face, plus the strategies and technologies helping our communities be more resilient.
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