Friday, November 17, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On the Prowl re #Technology & Other Thoughts....

It has been quite a ride--hasn't it especially as we were witness to Snap continuing to struggle and as we have seen other mergers taking place.    This telling grid courtesy of the team at CBInsight blew us away about how far we've come as we go dark for Thanksgiving here in the United States:

This one should blow anyone away:

But if we look back further, Microsoft's acquisition of Forethought, the makers of PowerPoint, for $14M in 1987 has to go down as one of the best M&A transactions of all time.

We leave you with this "snapshot" courtesy of the team at Futurism:

See Full Infographic
How to Survive a World-Ending Scenario, According to Science

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! 

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