Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Notations On Our World (Friday Edition): On @Amazon & Other Thoughts....


Our Team was on the road at Westfield in Century City California recently and captured the images above.   What was amazing was the Amazon Storefront that featured a whole host of Amazon Products (Amazon FireTV,etc.).  This is as Sears announced the closing of 140 stores, Targets closing underperforming stores and as Walmart went after Thanksgiving early!!   As we are seeing changes all around us, what was amazing was a frank admission by the head of Deutsche Bank that almost half of the 97,000 people working for Deutsche Bank will lose their jobs as well as Healthcare continues to change at Dizzying speed.

We were "Virtually Breathless" as we will continue to reflect upon such as it is as we leave you all with this courtesy of the team at Strategy & Business to hopefully bring some perspective to bear:

Best Business Books 2017

In the 17th edition of our Best Business Books section, our crack team of reviewers has ferreted out the most inspiring, illuminating, and entertaining volumes of the past year.
by Daniel Gross

Best Business Books 2017 — In Pictures

Our writers’ selection of the year’s best business book in seven categories.

Truly interesting times indeed.....

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