Thursday, November 30, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Month-End Edition): On the Virtual Prowl with all who are busy creating the Vision of the Possible :)

How far we have come...
and how far are the possibilities...Our Team could not help but wonder whether we can "join this illustrious crowd" at some stage!!!

100 years of America's top 10 companies (2017):

  1. Reflections are never whole for our team unless we note what the team at Futurism lays out for us--as it is a pleasure for us to also feature their Holiday Guide: 
    Chinese AI-powered robot Xiaoyi took the country's medical licensing examinations and passed, according to local reports. Xiaoyi is just one example of how much China is keen on using AI to make a number of industries more efficient. READ MORE
    Sergio Canavero claims to have successfully performed a human head transplant. However, the procedure was carried out with certain caveats, and there are no signs that it has a practical application at this time. READ MORE
    In the southern Australian outback, power blackouts are a major concern. Elon Musk made good on a recent promise to deliver a megabattery to this region within 100 days. READ MORE
    The FCC's proposal to end net neutrality will make the internet worse for the majority. Say goodbye to open and unbiased access to all the sites and services you enjoy today. READ MORE
    The holidays are here, and we've decided to come up with a gift guide that has some of the best tech you can buy for those you care about (or for yourself) READ MORE
    See Full Infographic
    We Need to Change How We Bury Our Dead
  2. As we look to a the final month of 2017, we close with  some thoughts from Barack Obama
  3.  about a vision of the future:

Rule 1: Listen.Rule 2: Don't be disagreeable.Rule 3: No selfies!Rule 4: Have fun.


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