Friday, January 12, 2018

Notations On Our World: "Random Thoughts" On the State of Artifical Intelligence

Our team put together a "compilation" of "Random Thoughts" On Artificial Intelligence thanks to the fabulous work by the team at @CBInsights especially as it was a major focus at #CES2018 with looming challenges along with an insightful commentary on bitcoins (that has made those who saw this latest FAD billions): 

Dear MBAs – AI is coming for you 

While the impacts of AI often tend to center on blue collar jobs, there are a number of Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EAAS) companies that will impact white collar jobs — including lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, journalists, traders, and more. 

We dig into the burgeoning EAAS sector in this detailed breakdown of the landscape.

Note: this market map is unlike any other we've ever created. Spot why?

The cost to mine bitcoin

It's expensive. 

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