Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On the True Possibilities...

Salt Creek State Beach, Dana Point California 

  1. Creating a Vision of the Possible begins with us.    Our team was reminded of the true 
  2. possibilities as a member of the team captured this image while on the road
  3. at Salt Creek State Beach that signifies ohw hopeful one must be to help create 
  4. the true vision of the possible.

  5. We have had the pleasure to periodically feature Thoughts from Vala Afshar of 
  6. SalesForce as he has showcased transformations and reminded us all of what is 
  7. actually within the realm of the possible.    Please enjoy these two thoughts we've 
  8. chosen for this edition of "Notations" that underscores how it
  9. begins with us:

  10. How to reduce stress: 1 don't respond to negativity 2 get plenty sleep 3 break a sweat 4 read and write more 5 give without expecting a get 6 be honest 7 forgive first 8 eat healthier 9 be a better friend 10 you are not your job 11 complain less 12 show gratitude 13 start sooner

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    Side effects from missing sleep: Irritability Cognitive impairment Memory loss Impaired moral judgement Decreased creativity Risk of diabetes Tremors Aches Impaired immune system Low accuracy Heart disease Obesity Stress ADHD symptoms Risk of stroke

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