Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Notations From The Grid (Weekly Edition): On the Future of US Defense

As a new month dawns, we hereby present following courtesy Defense One on the future roadmap of US Military Policy:

Defense One

Defense One eBooks and Special Reports

Future of the Army

As with America’s other military services, the U.S. Army’s great task of the past two years has been adjusting to serve a new National Defense Strategy that focuses not on counterinsurgency but larger potential conflicts against other “great powers” — Russia and China.

Foreign Military Sales

Despite U.S. officials’ bullish predictions, the number of foreign military sales approved by the Trump administration nearly halfway through the fiscal year is considerably lower than last year.

Artificial Intelligence

An examination of how the military services are leveraging rapid advances in AI across a host of functions, from cyber defense to operations and weapons systems.

Future of the Navy

The U.S. fleet is facing various decisions that will reshape its combat power. Defense One’s latest ebook peers into the future of the U.S. Navy through lenses big (a look at threats to NATO’s wartime strategy) and small (new drone motherships! Hacked wetsuits!).

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