Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): On the Status of Google Chrome ((Courtesy Technilious)

We here at the Daily Outsider are a Google Shop and proud of it.   In line with that commitment, we wanted to make sure we noted this here in our Visions Property with this courtesy of the team at Technilious on how to make sure the Google Chrome Browser is hereby secure--we just checked our own network to make sure our Chrome is Secure:

It takes less than a minute to safeguard your computer.
A newly-found bug in the Chrome desktop browser for Macs and Windows PCs lets hackers take over your computer. So stop what you’re doing and update Chrome right now.

The exploit is particularly dangerous because it doesn’t require you to do anything wrong. If you visit a site with malicious code, it can let a hacker remotely execute code on your computer.

That could mean a lot of bad things, including a hacker completely taking control of your computer. And by the time you realize you are on an infected website, you could already be compromised.

Fortunately, the bug is very easy to fix, because Google just put out an update to stop this bug in its tracks. We show you how to check to see if your Chrome browser had been updated in our story on Techlicious. It takes less than a minute to ensure you're protected.
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Suzanne Kantra 

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