Friday, June 28, 2013

A "Thought 4 the Week-End" :-)

Every Moment a Loud Voice Comes
By Rumi:

Every moment a loud voice comes from the river-blue tent (of the sky), (reciting) the verse, "Truly We built it and truly We expand (it)!" 

Who has heard this "shout," (from) moment to moment, without (need of) outward ears? "Those who turn (in repentance and) offer worship (to God), who praise (and) wander about (pleasing God)."
Obtain a ladder from "the Lord of(heavenly) stairways" (and) climb up! "The angels and the Spirit rise up to Him" together.
The carpenter of imagination can never cut (and form) the heavenly ladder. The hand of "they will all return to Us" caused (the Prophet's) Ascent (into the heavens).
Until you become cut (and formed) by the hatchet of perseverance and gratefulness, recite, "No one will receive (the reward)" and "except the persevering".
Look at the hatchet (and) in whose hands it is: become agreeably surrendered. Don't stubbornly fight the hatchet like the knot (in the wood), for "we will be the victors"

If you come up a few (ladder) steps, you will be (among) the "those on the right hand." And if you arrive to your roof porch, "the foremost will be the foremost".
Come up, O sufi, if you are from aheavenly sufi abode, and come in--into the ranks of "surely we are those arranged in rows".
And if you are a poor dervish, pound the drum of "(When) poverty is complete, (God) is God." And (if) you are a legal scholar, be pure from "Surely they do not understand".
If you are like (the letter) "N" in bowing (in prayer) and like the Pen during prostration, then be joined like "N and the Pen" (together) with "what they write."
Be a rude eye (that) "will see (them)" before "they will see". (If) you are very soft like a deceitful flatterer, what is prior to "they would be soft and pliant"?

Become strongly rooted, like the "lote tree," from (the conviction of) "there is no doubt in it," so that your branches and leaves will not shake from the whisper of "the adversity of time".
See the garden (that) became blackened from "the visitation (of your Lord) came around (it)", (and) their deceitful plots burned up their garden "(while) they slept".

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