Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can the sceptics be proven wrong?

This is telling--and when Doug Engelbart who gave us the Mouse and was one of the early pioneers of what we take for granted, it should give all a moment of pause:

By Soulskill
theodp writes "The 1976 science fiction film Logan's Run depicts a dystopian future society where life must end at the age of 30. So, it's a world that kind of resembles today's Silicon Valley, where the NY Times reports that the median age of workers is 29 years old at Google and 28 years old at Facebook. The report that technology workers are young — really young — comes on the heels of other presumably-unrelated stories that Silicon Valley execs can't find enough skilled workers and no one would fund Doug Engelbart in the last four decades of his life. On the bright side, at least old techies don't die in Silicon Valley — they just can't get hired."

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