Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week-End Notations: A Sign of Better Days..Hope So :-)

One of the ideas behind a "Vision of the Possible" one of the "outsider" sites, has been to present a "vision of the possible"--not just on the tech side.   It is also striving to present alternatives on a broad scale and to also celebrate.

One such celebration is what Pope Francis has tried to do.   His humility is already well known (driving himself around Vatican City; Paying for hotel bills; washing the feet of convicts; etc. etc. etc.).   He's also been at the forefront of transforming the emphasis while noting that he's still a loyal member of the Church.   His letter to Muslims is a fasincating read:


Leaders have to be transformational--and somestimes be a majority of one.    One can truly change the World.

Onward!! :-) 

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