Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Embracing the Art of the Possible: Some Vital Reminders

Part of the idea behind the launch of a "Vision of the Possible" was not to merely talk about technology and the future, but also about practical ideas and thoughts on what can be done to increase productivity.   I regularly look at "Give More" and wanted to share this "Snapshot" as I continue to develope the foundational Work for "the Daily Outsider" Network:

11 workdays left this month, 31 left this quarterFriday, August 16
 Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind. 

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) 
Italian painter, sculptor, and inventor 

Value yourself. Don't throw away time. Focus. (see below)
And: Two video favorites on caring more about people 

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Lead Simply™ Video 
<< Watch. Be inspired.
No parables. No complicated matrixes. No corporate speak. Just real world stuff that leads to better results and more enjoymentfor everyone.
This is how to lead.
Watch the video | Get the book
Make a meeting of it
Give more focus...
Imagine the incredible results you'd have if you and your team really focused on a consistent basis.

You'd likely...
  • Contribute more
  • Waste less time ramping back up
  • Serve customers better (internally and externally)
  • Find more customers
  • Come up with more ideas
  • Plan better
  • Be less frustrated and stressed
  • Help others focus more (by interrupting them less)
  • Make more money (for everyone ... including you)
Nothing's guaranteed, of course. But it's a better bet. (And in the long run, you'll enjoy more.)

Use this link for 4 ways to knock out the bulk of distractions (for Smovers &212ers only ... two of the points get some people angry). Also ... links to a couple of my favorite supportive articles to better thinking and focus.

If you've not seen them or need a reminder (over the weekend or on a well-earned break)...

Use this link for a quick (2.5 min.) video made by Chick-fil-A to remind their employees that their customers are people and they may have things going on in their lives (a good thing to remember as you work with colleagues, customers, patients, students, etc.). It's lightened me up more than once.

Click here for a great little 15-minute video on the value of a smile, being encouraging and resilient, and the impact we have on others (even when we don't realize it). Save this for outside your money hours (and maybe watch it with your kids).
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