Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Our World: Can we have the courage?

I have wondered about this question as I have seen our ecosystem under threat.     World Wildlife Federation, though, is trying to do something about it with this new initiative:

Just released! Watch "Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series," a free five-part WWF series on YouTube, for an inside view into one of the biggest transnational crimes in the world.

View online version:

Stop Wildlife Crime: It's Dead Serious

Right now, wildlife crime is...

*  taking a huge toll on wild elephants, rhinos and tigers, threatening to undo decades of conservation results.
*  channeling billions of dollars into powerful crime syndicates, some with direct links to terrorism.
*  destabilizing governments and economies.

Can we afford to ignore the serious threat that wildlife crime poses?

Watch Stop Wildlife Crime: Episode 1 >>

Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series is a free five-part WWF series on YouTube with an inside view into one of the biggest transnational crimes in the world.

Watch the just-released first episode now. New episodes air at 7 PM ET every Sunday in September.

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