Saturday, October 12, 2013

For a "Vision" To be Possible : A "Must Need"

Relaxing peace

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is relax. Constantly worrying about being more effective is not what makes you more effective.
What makes you more effective is living with authenticity. What makes you more effective is staying focused on a meaningful purpose.
Give yourself the time and space to remember the best of who you are and what you truly care about. Give yourself the benefit of a peaceful, relaxed perspective.
Much of what is urgent is not particularly important. Step back from the noisy, breathless confusion and fall gently into a feeling of real peace.
Take time to breathe deeply and calmly, to experience, to wonder, to love, and to live. Take time to see the goodness, and to make a little more of it.
Within you is the potential for healing, relaxing peace. Let it come and let it be.
— Ralph Marston

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