Thursday, February 6, 2014

A True "Vision of the Possible": A Company living its' value

Just like many around the World, the amazing move by CVS is quite a development.    I congratulated CVS on their twitter account because it underscores the need by one company to live up to its' true values.   Verne's Insight noted this in a post too:

$2 Billion Hit -- would you sacrifice this kind of revenue to live your values/purpose? This is what drugstore chain CVS did in deciding to stop selling cigarettes. Notes David Rich, founder of ICC Decision Services, in his blog post today (CVS is a customer of his mystery shopping firm) "Sometimes we all need to 'dust off' our values and ask ourselves if we're truly living in concert with them. Because the truth is values should always trump revenue and profit... and too often they don't." Jim Collins' test for a value being core is that you're willing to take a financial hit to live it - would you? Look over your values and see how bullet proof they are and if there's something you need to correct in your business to better align with them. 

May we all have the courage to live up to a true "Vision of the Possible".

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