Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On Mother Earth: Brief Notations 4 the Day

The United States Congress was in action again today as it held an ex-IRS Official in contempt and put the mechanism in place to investigate Benghazi.

In the meantime, the United States Government came out with a consensus report that basically noted that the damage to the environment has been done as noted in this New York Times Tweet that has gone out:

This was dismissed as a Political Stunt by the Republicans as the mid-terms are at hand.    In the meantime, the World Health Organization came out with this and I wondered on Twitter today as to whether the GOP thought this to be a political stunt as well:

This kind of scepticism is just not prevalent in the United States.   Mr. Abbott , the Australian Prime Minister, has been on the same path to scale back commitment to the environment in the name of jobs.   What is gratifying to see is how the People of Australia seem to have buyers remorse.

So much to reflect upon....

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