Tuesday, August 26, 2014

View of the Week: On Being UnPlugged While Watching #Amazon & #Apple

Twitch is the talk of the Internet today as Amazon paid 970 Million to buy it.   It all started with $ 50,000 of seed money from an incubator--not a bad return!! 

I have checked it out--but as a "Non-Gamer", I have not been a fan.   I actually am "on it" right now to get a sense of the latest on it.  What is clear is not the content per se--but the technology that Amazon has paid that it would incorporate into its' Amazon FireTV .     This is part of a simple strategy:  To do everything and be everywhere.   So far, it seems to be making the inroads while not hardly making any money.    Whomever has bet against Amazon, though, has done so at their peril.  

But, this is part of the overall trend that we're seeing in that we're "never unplugging".       It is kind of scary & intimidating in a way--but it is the reality today as reported by the Business Insider recently: 

This is as the World continues to move along at a brisk pace.    As these recent headlines from the Business Insider (A Bezos Venture investment :-))  Some of the old-line players are having to still figure out what they stands for and how they continue to be under assault: 

Out of these four "headlines", the one that was striking to me was the decline of the iPad business.  As I visited a local Apple Store recently, it was striking how the iphone, the ipod & the iMAC areas were quite crowded--but the iPad was not as much.     There are  It will be quite interesting to see what Apple will pull off out of its' bag of tricks as it gears up for its' September 9 launch.   Rumors have been aplenty--the question is what will actually be revealed.       

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