Monday, November 17, 2014

View of the Week: Is Diplomacy Possible to achieve a "Vision of the Possible"

Throughout the Week-End, we reflected upon a very busy Week_End of "Summitry" around the World.   The "Summitry" has continued as Australia played host to India and China--including an address by the President of China to a joint sitting of Parliament.   It is all welcome.   The challenge is where all this talking is going to lead--especially as there are talks scheduled on Climate change in Lima, Peru and further meetings in Kathmandu, Nepal.    

It was a pleasure to add my name to an initiative by the National Iranian American Council to reflect upon what Diplomacy Is.   Diplomacy is ever so Personal in that the fate of the ordinary outsiders depends on this as wars continue to rage on throughout the World.    The horrific daily reports out of Iraq and Syria is a testament to the challenge as the war continues with no apparent end in sight.   Although there continues to be hopeful signs about the talks with Iran, the opposition in both Iran and The United States is profound cause for concern--based on what I have seen on the "Social Grid".

What is clear is ever so important to note:   Talking is a lot better than shouting.  The question is whether people will have the courage to actually do so.

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