Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#Outsider Tech Watch: On Projects We're Backing thru #Kickstarter & Other Thoughts

This week is to the start of a new feature called #Outsider Tech Watch where we will have periodic commentary on what we're up to in that space.  Our Team is always on the "Prowl" to assess up and coming technologies.     We were quite pleased to support the following over the past 2 days:

We invested in the first one as it came out and we are enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of the new 16 Gb which we hope to feature soon.     We also were quite pleased to support this:

One of the initiatives we have is to create "Outsider Productions" and we thought that this will help with our on-going initiative.   We eagerly await the arrival of this to enhance our on-going production capabilities as we have been using +olloclip for our on-going development work and the expansion of the emerging collection we have on     

This is a "developing" story.....

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