Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Notations On our World (Special Edition) : On the UN Global Goals

As our team has been assessing the on-going matters and gearing up for the new Quarter, we were extremely gratified here @ #OutsiThe as the Global Goals was  approved unanimously.   

 One of the projects before us will be to work on its' assessment over the ensuing weeks, months and years.     In the midst of so much challenges around our world--as epitomized by the continued carnage in Syria and the latest in Afghanistan with the fall of Kunduz, , it is of great significance and it was one of the many highlights throughout the Quarter.     

 UNICEF noted the following in a Tweet: 

Ambitious? Yes. Unachievable? No. The 17 #GlobalGoals can improve millions of children’s lives by 2030. #SDGs pic.twitter.com/fUMncGD3UN

We see no other choice in the ultimate quest to create the ultimate "vision of the possible". 

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