Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Notations On Our World: On The Changing Face of Tech

Our World is changing before our very eyes.    These four leading "lights" of the Virtual World are at the forefront of creating content.   Although we're a bit "taken aback" as we here @ #Outsiders are in the "Content" and "Vision" business, we embrace and understand the future.

As we went to press, we were amazed by the commitment by Facebook on taking internet to the four corners of the World and as this very interesting article came out on the valuation of the leading brands on the Web today:

Report: 6 tech companies in world's most valuable brand top 10 Apple is the world's most valuable brand with an estimated worth of $170 billion, followed by Google valued at $120 billion, per Interbrand. Four other tech companies also made the top 10 -- Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and Amazon.Digiday.com (10/5), TWICE (10/5)

Apple is not on the "snapshot" we noted above--but they are innovating as a new report we saw on the Sydney Morning Herald noted about a patent for a "Smart Ring" having been filed.   Our team has just added its' name to the NFC Ring that we're due to receive in December.

Interesting Times.....  

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