Friday, November 6, 2015

Notations From the Grid: Thoughts on #leadership

We here @ #Outsiders consider +GovLoop one of our go-to sites as we continue our on-going engagement in areas of public policy.     We received this "snapshot" from them today on leadership which we wanted to report on for this edition of "Notations From the Grid"--and we hope to feature some of these as we work to launch the #Outsider book club over the ensuing months: 

Much like running, leadership is a skill you can get better at — and a skill you do need to practice. To become a better leader takes intention, thoughtful reflection, strategic personal goal setting, practice, and a whole lot of reading. To help you with the reading part, we’ve compiled some of our favorite leadership books, full of practical, inspiring, and even fun advice that applies to government leadership. 

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