Tuesday, November 10, 2015

View of the Week: On the True Possiblities

As a new day dawns, once again our team ran across a series of thoughts from +Jonathan Huie that truly moved us.     These series of thoughts goes not just to the heart of the essential mission of the "Visions" channel but also drives us as we continue to work on the broad mission of #Outsiders which we hope gives hope and a belief in the sense of the possible for all:

There are all kinds of futures.
There is a hoped-for future,
there is a feared future,
there is a predictable future,
and there is an unimagined future.
- Werner Erhard

Vision stands on the shoulders of what is actual
to get a better view of what is possible.
- Mary Anne Radmacher 

Our Founder passed this on that He saw on his personal Twitter Feed that was ever so timely as well: 

Enough Said!! :-) 

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